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We bring together Investors and Start Ups with mature projects.

One of our utmost focus is to nurture and mature business ideas and ventures to scale and take them to the next level hence create more jobs, create wealth, balance regional development, increase the GDP and Per-Capital Income.

We are helping StartUps and SMEs to move to the next step.

We bring together Investors and Start Ups with mature projects.

We are working to create a better business climate through networking.

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We offer mentorship and coaching opportunities to start-ups and SMEs

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We work with different types of Investor: Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Equity Investors and many others.

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Our beneficiaries are SMEs and Start-ups whose business is still in an early stage. They just need seed money to take their venture to the next level

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Get  some specific skills and knowledge that will help you to maximize your business potential and improve your performance.

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Our strong team of experts is devoted to this vision.

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Our role is to connect, mobilize finance and resources from the different sectors above and invest in SMEs and Start-up on our data base

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